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CCleaner key does what its name calls it – it removes files not used from your device (Computer or mobile phone). This process optimizes both your device’s memory usage and its performance or efficiency. You will discover that your operating system is performing smarter and faster than ever before because all the junk files that have been slowing down its operation are effectively removed by it.

This is done by making more spaces available on your machine and, by such doing, allowing effectiveness. Your hard disk now has enough capacity to process whatever data is necessary. In addition to this, sometimes, the browsing history of your web browsers gets clustered, and you notice a delay even in accessing the internet. This software also solves this problem by clearing its history, thereby giving way to greater efficiency.

Ccleaner Professional 5.61.7392 Crack + Keygen Full Version

CCleaner Pro Key

This utility software program, which Piriform birthed, removes unused and unwanted files from your computer, including an invalid Windows Registry. It is versatile as it works on different Operating Systems such as Windows, Android, Mac, and Snow Leopard. The versatility extends to its language. It is available in over 45 languages for easy accessibility. Being available on the market for over 14 years, many of its earlier features have been greatly improved in this current version. Guess what? If you have programs that automatically execute itself once you start up your system, this program can easily uninstall it. There is one meant for personal usage, while for commercial purposes, one equally exists.

Ccleaner Professional Plus Crack with License Key

If your computer has been having registry errors for a while, it may be time for you to get this program. Ccleaner locates wherever the problem is and addresses it swiftly. The software is provided by its developers for users free of charge, and as such, it is a freemium software. Sometimes, when the recycle bin becomes overloaded, it may be necessary that some of its content be deleted.

This software also does that, especially when it senses the machine’s efficiency is affected. Trust us for one thing: we will always teach you how to get this utility software working perfectly. If you use it regularly, it is one package that should not be found wanting on your computer system.

Many reviewers have rated this application highly. For instance, CNET scored it a 5/5 star, meaning that in their own estimation, it’s a perfect cleaner as such. Although there are doubts about its susceptibility to the virus, it doesn’t take anything from its perfect work. Ensure you get the right setup for your computer’s OS or Android device and comply with the installation procedures. This can allay the fears of any intrusion of viruses, especially if you get the crack from a reliable source such as this website. If you have an active antivirus program, too, that can doubly help check for malicious agents.

Main Features of Ccleaner Pro Plus

Increases Computer’s Speed

It can really be annoying having a computer with a very bogus specification but performance not near what its specification says. That’s because most times, the things that take up the bulk of the space on it are junk files and unexecutable programs. This software, when installed, cleans every unused or unwanted file taking up your hard disk space.

Effective Web Surfing

When you go to some sites, it’s packed up with lots of ads sometimes, very annoying. Again, you have different cookies hiding somewhere in your browser. So, what this package does is to wipe your browser’s history and free them of these attachments capable of affecting the browsing speed. Again, you are secured by it because it ensures your identity online is safe.

No More System Crashes

A computer’s registry can become so jam-packed that errors begin to surface here and there. Ccleaner Pro addresses this issue by clearing all registry errors and preventing the processes that lead to such errors.

Reduced Boosting Time

With this program, the time taken for your system to start up has been drastically reduced because many unwanted programs that run underground, thereby delaying quick startup, are removed by it.

System Requirements

  • Approved Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista 8.1, 8, and 10. It also works with all server versions
  • The hard disk requirement is just 25MB

How to Crack?

  • As a preliminary action, you must first download the .exe setup file from this page and perform the installation.
  • Upon completion of the first step above, refrain from launching it yet.
  • Go to the crack file, copy everything you see there and then transfer to the installation directory.
  • Once this is done, you can launch the package and there’ll be no issue. Enjoy!


  • Most recent versions of Windows are supported.
  • It has an impressive performance rating by most software reviewers, meaning its efficiency is unaltered.
  • Every registry error that can lead to sudden system breakdown is fixed by it including some bugs too.
  • Its Installation is effortless. It doesn’t take time.
  • This tool does not require that you sacrifice much of your computer’s resources. Its demands are minimal.
  • Once running, you’re sure your machine would not just crash unexpectedly.
  • The browsing experience is improved because of its capacity to clear off all bugs and browsing history that often impede the speed of browsers.
  • Within a few minutes of powering your computer, it will be ready to use because this package has reduced its booting time.


  • There is currently no Mac version of it. However, it is available for Android devices.
  • There are some security concerns about it, as some users report that it tends to harbor malicious agents, which can later cause harm to the system. This has not been founded, though.

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