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Playing games is fun, no one can deny this and by using Mirillis Action 4.31.1 you can now share your experience. Having the possibility to share game content and gaming experience is great. Using the right app is recommended as results are different depending on what product you use. Mirillis action comes with a tool that incorporates audio, video, screenshots and gaming recording capabilities. A one of a kind Swiss-army like application that wants to get the job done.


It’s all about content and the way we are able to reproduce it. Let’s be serious nobody wants to see videos with a low resolution or frame rates. Content is what this product is about so here are some features:

  • Video resolution up to 4K
  • Video frame rate up to 120
  • File format AVI or MP4
  • Stereo or multi-channel audio recording
  • Desktop or Gameplay live streaming (Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, Facebook)
  • Screenshot Games, Desktop or Apps (BMP, JPG, PNG)
  • Continuous Desktop and gameplay recording
  • Extensive HUD settings

This tool can even be used to benchmark some of the audio and video outputs. The list of features is long and can be used to configure almost every aspect of a recording. Knowing that this is possible let’s have a look at some other aspects that may prove to be interesting.

Gaming is not everything

Yes I admit playing games and sharing is great but there might be something more. Mirillis Action has other tricks in the bag for different types of users. The business side of the pie has not been neglected and this can be a useful tool that will help you work:

  • Add a live commentary to a presentation
  • Playback earlier recordings of work
  • Record only selected applications as you move between screens
  • Remove the background on camera or place a green screen instead
  • Slow-motion effects for recordings
  • Optimized performance when running the app
  • Editing the recordings by using almost any known editor

The application can run on Windows and is compatible with:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10

Digging deeper

Screen recording software has been around for quite some time and creating something innovating is not easy. This may be the truth when we look at other products but Mirillis is able to deliver. It does this by keeping tabs on what is new in the industry and deploying useful and up to date features.

There is definitely something here for everybody and if you are looking for a complete set of tools to work with you will most likely find what you need. A couple of additions will clearly differentiate it from its competitors as you can:

  • Record from external devices connected to USB/HDMI
  • Use “Time-Shift” to record actions by using hotkeys
  • Control the app with the help of an Android phone
  • Use and customize Logitech multimedia keyboards


  • A ton of features
  • Easy to use
  • Phone control
  • Looks great
  • Customization
  • Interactivity
  • Good integration with Windows and peripherals


  • New users may be frightened by how much it can do
  • It may take some time to master it
  • Price – I just mentioned this because there are some free options available
  • You will need an above the average computer in order to run a smooth session of recording

Getting it

As is the case with good software nothing comes for free. Keeping this in mind you must be ready to pay 29.95 $ for Mirillis Action 4.16.1. Is this too much? I don’t really know but I do know what it does and this may prove to be the answer. If a multifunctional tool that deals with all areas of recording audio and video is what you are looking for then this is it.

screenshot of Mirillis Action Free Download

Mirillis Action 4.38.1 Crack Full + Serial Key

Mirillis Action 4.38.1 Crack Full + Serial Key

why Mirillis Action?

It is that easy, you should take into consideration what your goal is and how can Mirillis help you. There is no doubt that it will help you and if you have second thoughts you can always download the free trial. Get accustomed to what it does and how it works. Try the features it offers and starts playing around with the HUD. After this experience, you will definitely have more information regarding the areas you want to focus on.

What new in mirillis action?

  • New friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • All sound recording available as like M4

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