Reloader Activator V6.6 Final For Windows & Office Activation

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Reloader Activator Latest Version

Reloader Activator is a software that is universally used as an activator for Windows of various versions. Reloader Activator consists of multiple versions, such as version 2.0, v2.2, and version 3.0, which is the latest version. Trech-ME is responsible for the creation and uploading of this software.

The software is available in different world languages such as English, French, Spanish, Serbian, Indonesian, Korean, and a host of others. It is a software that guarantees the security and privacy of its users. Reloader Activator provides a two-in-one service activation. Users of this software can use the product with an internet connection.

Also, the users have the opportunity to make use of the software without an internet connection i.e, offline service. Unlike other software that a user finds it difficult to upgrade from one version to another, with Reloader Activator, you can easily upgrade from an old version to a new version.

Reloader Activator V3.3 Final For Windows & Office Activation

Features of Reloader Activator

Reloader Activator comprises some features that make the software easy for the users. Some of the favorable features are listed below.

  • Size: the size of the Reloader activator is not up to 2Mb; therefore, it doesn’t require much space before it can work.
  • One Click Activation: Another feature is the one-click activation feature. A user does not need much stress by clicking on many options before using this software. The function saves the stress of doing that by only clicking once for activation to be carried out.
  • Automatic Activation: another feature relating to one-click activation is automatic activation, instead of wasting time on the manual operation of activating the Reloader activator almost every time. The automatic activation features are in care of allowing the user to make use of the application automatically.
  • Activation of all Windows versions: one of the features of the Reloader activator is this section that deals with the activation of all Windows versions.
  • Activation of all Office versions: just like the feature above, this feature also activates the Office versions available for your system.
  • Permanent Activation: this feature is used for activating the Reloader activator permanently as long as the software is inactive. You can choose to select the option or not.
  • Offline Activator: This feature does not need any internet connection to function. Instead of using internet service all the time, you can activate the offline activator.
  • Some of the other features are the free download option, the addition of OEM partition, the remove of any activation software on your system, and many others.

System Requirements for Reloader Activator

  • The reloader activator does not require high system specifications
  • Your system must be of Microsoft Windows operating system. It can either be MS Windows 10/ 8 / 7/ XP
  • Also, it must have a 4.0 Microsoft.NET framework.

How to use Reloader Activator for Activating Windows

  • You must first deactivate the Antivirus on your system.
  • Then you need to run the .exe file that is on the .zip file
  • Then you click on the accept button
  • After that, you need to select the product icon you need for activation
  • Activation will require some seconds for the completion
  • After the completion, you need to restart your system
  • Then, it is ready after restarting has been done


  • This software is simple for the users to make use of. It does not consist of any complex interface that may seem difficult or strange for any beginner.
  • Just like the features imply, it helps to update any features necessary to be updated on the operating system of your system.
  • Also, one of the pros is that the software can function on any Microsoft operating system. Even from the Microsoft Windows XP to the latest Windows, Windows 10. Also, it works on MS Office packages.
  • With the Reloader activator, you have the opportunity to change OEM information any time it is activated.
  • This is a popular software that is known for its free service. It is free for installation; it doesn’t require buying or purchasing the software before someone can use it.


  • It requires an internet connection most of the time
  • It does not guarantee the privacy and security of the user


Reloader Activator contains several features that help put users’ PCs in good shape. It allows the system to work optimally. With this software, you will experience great features on the Windows installed on your system.

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