Saavn Pro Apk v8.15.1 Cracked Version Free Download

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Saavn Pro Apk Cracked Version

Saavn Pro APK is an application or tool used for music streaming. It is an application that is applicable for iOS, Windows, and Android phone users. The application is well-known to the extent that no other music app or software can beat it. It contains many features that any other music streaming software does not have. All Android phone versions have a music player app on it. It is a default app that plays songs that are stored in the device’s memory by the owner.

This means of playing songs is only limited to the songs that are stored already. But for any music streaming application, it can allow you to listen to songs online. You don’t need to download it on a phone. Therefore, Saavn Pro APK is a perfect music streaming application for this. You don’t need to search for any other music streaming application.

It provides a user with a lot of features. It is an application that is not too expensive to pay for. The paid version contains several unique features than the free version. But you might not necessarily need to pay if you click on the right site. This application gives users the chance to listen to different songs in various regional languages.

JioSaavn Pro APK Download

Songs can also be downloaded with this app at any time and at any location. The Saavn Pro APK has a Premium version. Most people are not aware of this version. It is an upgraded version of the free version. The premium version contains many better premium features compared to the free version. It does not require a user to pay for it. You can access all the premium features without making any payment. One of the main differences between this version the free version is that you can download any song. In the free version, a user cannot download songs with it.

You can download the app and listen to songs directly. Likewise, you can still make use of their website. Saavn has an official site where all those features on their application can be accessed. However, the opening of their website to listen to songs can be demanding. One can get tired easily of opening and closing all the time. Therefore, the application is still the best option. The application also gives a user the opportunity to filter any song.

This application also comes with an offline mode. A user has the ability to download audio files, a whole album of an artist, and so on. You can also download your favorite songs and listen to them later while in offline mode. With the offline mode, you won’t be required to spend unnecessary money on buying data.

JioSaavn Pro APK Cracked Free Download

It also provides the users the opportunity to make use of public Wi-Fi to download songs. This also saves your data for other purposes. The offline mode comes with ease; you can easily save numerous numbers of songs in that mode. The application prevents the influence or effect of ads from disturbing a user while listening to songs online.

This application also gives the user room for creating many customizable playlists. This allows a user to group different songs in different categories. You can group some songs under classical music, some in Bollywood categories, among others. Saavn allows users to share songs with family and friends. You can suggest or let them know which songs you prefer. Sometimes, grouping might take time; therefore, you can easily use the grouping already on the app.

Saavn Pro Apk v8.15.1 Cracked Version Free Download

Features of Saavn Pro Apk

It contains several features that make the playing of songs online possible. The features are itemized below:

  • Offline search: an option to search for any song offline.
  • Add to my music: this is an option for quickly adding and saving music to your device. You only need to select “Add from any Album, Playlist, or Song page.”
  • My music: This option contains the organization and arrangement of your favorite music, Artists, playlists, and also your albums.
  • Shuffle all: you can make use of this option to shuffle your songs while playing songs.
  • Creation of playlists for your favorite and best songs.
  • Enjoyment of curated playlists which can be in English, Indian, and Hindi regional languages.
  • Playing of songs on demand.
  • Option to ask questions about what you don’t know about the software.
  • Saavn Radio: an option where you have endless music that can be played.
  • It contains dark and light theme which can be set by the user.
  • Downloading of songs to be listened to at offline mode.
  • Removal of promotional layouts.
  • Presence of Auto Updater for the updating process.

How to crack?

  1. Download the crack file at the appropriate site
  2. Install the downloaded file
  3. After you have seen the installation successful, it is ready

How to download and install

Just like any other application, you can make use of those normal steps in installing the application. The steps are listed below for those who are not familiar with them:

  • You will be required to download this software first.
  • After downloading, the installation process is the next.
  • Click on the setup file you downloaded; it will bring up some options. You will be required to click on next to the last stage.
  • After installation, open the application. You will, therefore, select the languages you intend the songs to be.
  • Go to the top left bar; you should select the login button.
  • An option to log in or sign up via Facebook, email address, and phone number will come up. You can log in with any of the options.
  • After the login process, you can now make use of the Saavn Pro APK application.


This application is mainly for Music lovers. It gives users access to over 20 million songs around the world. All the features work together for the smooth working of the application. This is an application that a Music lover will develop an interest in at the first instance of use.

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