Truecaller for PC Full Download Windows 7, 8, 8.1

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Truecaller for PC Free Download

Software developed by the skilled researchers at True Software in Scandinavia is Truecaller. Truecaller for PC is useful for identifying unknown callers and block such calls from unwanted people. Every unknown caller’s name and the photo is available on the software for easier identification.The caller ID application identifies callers from beyond your present contact list lets you search beyond your phonebook, scan unknown incoming calls, and blacklist users.

Originally, an application available only on Android, the application is now available on most mobile platforms as well as on PC for Windows.Calling is smarter than before with Truecaller as the latest feature enables a user to find out when their contracts are free to call.

The application is also user-friendly as it verifies numbers from a premium community-specific and verified numbers of spam callers. The list expands over 200 million users, enabling the user to access the database with a single call.

The application’s setup is very simple, after a sign-up, the software scans through your Facebook contacts match them to the numbers and assigns them to contact photos accordingly. It also blocks suspicious numbers that have been known to spam without any permission to keep your phone safe.

The PC version of the application works on the similar algorithm and has lists of suspicious numbers as well as a detailed call history.Serving as a database, the PC version scans for additional details related to the unknown calls in the call history data of a registered account.

Truecaller for PC Full Download Windows 7, 8, 8.1

Key Features

  • Identify unknown callers with detailed contact information available for all callers
  • Ability to block callers marked as spammers like marketing agents
  • Access to a massive database of 2 billion contact details of callers
  • T9 search integration for quick access to any caller or number
  • A detailed scan of the entire call history
  • Access information about unknown callers
  • Whitelist and Blacklist option for known callers and spam callers respectively
  • User-friendly, clear user interface with features accessible through shortcut keys

Main Pros and Cons


  • With over 200 billion contact details in the database, the application presents an extensive and verifiable spam listing
  • Blacklist SMS and calls from select contacts that will not be notified to you and marked as spam
  • With a crowdsourced spam blocking feature enabled, it is easier for users to identify and avoid answering calls from spam callers.


  • The activation process for the application is unclear and unreliable. Without a proper activation process, the services cannot be accessed.
  • There is no inherent option to block calls from a particular area code or country code prefix. For example, spam callers from the same area with an area code of +01 cannot be blocked all at once.
  • Unlike contact details and call history, SMS details of messages from contacts isn’t stored.

Most Common Users:

Teenagers, young adults who are constantly spammed with offers and policies from telemarketers as well as insurance companies will regularly use the application to block spam callers.

Even though the features of Truecaller are impressive, the application does not deliver them efficiently to the user. However, it is the first choice for a caller ID application as it has an extensive database that covers a major portion of the spam callers.

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