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Avanset VCE Exam Simulator Full Crack & License Key Free

As a student preparing for a computer-based test, it is often advantageous to have practiced before you enter the exam hall. Also, if you are a tutor preparing students for exams of this nature, your work may not be complete until you have introduced them to what they are likely going to meet on D-day. This is where the VCE Exam Simulator Crack finds relevance. The exam preparatory software allows users to set questions and provide answers via its Player and Designer parts, respectively. VCE Exam Simulator Crack free here at my website

It imitates the conditions that would be experienced in the Exam hall by the candidate, such as the timing, hiccups, and perhaps, anxiety, and therefore allows candidates to master themselves and how things work before entering the main test.

VCE Exam Simulator Crack


Here are some of the features you see in this instructive software

  • Multiple Installation of PCs. A single download can be used to install as many computers as possible.
  • Versatility in Language. The tool allows you to set and take exams in some languages other than English. Some of these include Arabian, Russian, Thai, and Chinese.
  • The Entire Exam is in one file.
  • The Mode in which you wish to take the exam is customizable.
  • This Exam Simulator is real.
  • Exam Question Types. The tool allows you to set questions of different types to guide against possible malpractice among candidates.
  • Characters that are Non-Latin or Non-English are supported by this release
  • The Exam printing and editing features allow you to cross-check the questions to identify any errors. Errors discovered can hence be justified and fixed appropriately.
  • Exam Preview is one of its features that allows examiners to preview the questions before candidates are asked to take them.
  • All types of questions, including the MCG type, are supported.

System Requirements for Installation

  • Here are the requirements your PC must satisfy before you can successfully install the VCE Exam simulator:
  • RAM: Minimum of 256 MB
  • Space on Hard Disk: A minimum of 200 MB space must be available
  • Processor: The processor should be an Intel Pentium 4 or a later version.
  • Operating Systems: It is available on Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) and MacOS.

Alternative to Visual CertExam (VCE) Simulator

Expectedly, VCE is not the only software that simulates exams for students. A couple of other alternatives exist from which you can make your choice.

  • A+ VCE: You can retake an exam you didn’t pass it. It is free and available on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows.
  • ProofExam Simulator: Available on payments and supports Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, and iPhone.
  • ProofExam Creator: Often used by employers to conduct aptitude tests. Supported by Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPhone
  • SkyPrep: This is mainly for training, and it is available across different platforms, including Android tablets.
  • Com: This is internet-based. Usually, the VCE files are uploaded online, and the candidates log in online to take the test.
  • Adit TestDesk: Often employed by employers and educational institutions to set, run, and mark exams of various types. It’s a paid software available only on Windows OS.


  • VCE 2.3.4 is quite easy to install.
  • The interface is both simple and easy to use.
  • It doesn’t consume much system resources.
  • It is available on both Mac and Windows Operating Systems.
  • The tool is swift, and results are available as soon as the student/candidate completes the test.


  • None have been identified yet.

Installation Guide

It is important to note that although several files are available online as cracks for this exam simulator, the best place to get the software is at Avanset website. There, you can be sure you are getting an unadulterated package. Installation is quite simple. Once you get the file, extract the EXE content and run. The process should be completed in under 5 minutes.

VCE Exam Simulator Crack

Effective performance on any exam surely requires adequate preparation. These days, attention is fast drawing from paper and pencil tests to computer-based ones. Most aptitude and entrance exams are now digitalized, and candidates have to familiarize themselves with them.

Here is where VCE exam simulator 2.4.2 stands out. It is the latest version to be released, and it is difficult to point out its cons. It is swift, easy to use, and offers the real exam situation a student is going to meet on D-day. It is highly recommended for both candidates preparing for exams and tutors alike.

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