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Talk of an application that can spur you to easy and quick stardom in your Computer gaming experience, and you talk of the Cheat Engine 7.4 (CE). Even the very name of it leaves little to the imagination. It is simply what it is called: an engine that allows you to cheat! Developed by Eric Heijnen (aka Data Byte), the tool allows Computer gamers who wish to unlock all the stages in their game and have access to unlimited lives and health on the game do so by circumventing the game setup and going undetected. This application is mostly encouraged only in a single-player game and not a game that involves other team members. Cheat Engine is here for free download for you

Why Cheat?

In the art of computer gaming, one thing can be frustrating: not being able to leave a particular level or stage and, sometimes, not being able to know what to do next. Imagine how it would be to have tried leaving a stage almost a hundred times but not being able to because you keep dying. Surely, this can kill the fun out of these games. It is for this reason that the Cheat Engine was fabricated. With it, you can give yourself all the necessary arsenals, as it were, to unlock one stage and proceed to the next. Users normally achieve this through one or all of the following techniques using this app.

  • Additional lives
  • Reduced enemies
  • Improved Health
  • Inexhaustible ammunition

Conversely, a few Game Professionals find the default virtues paraded by their games of choice way below their standards. Perhaps they have mastered the gimmicks and are no longer getting the much-desired fun out of it because they can almost easily predict the result – a win for them. It’s just like having to watch a single movie 20 times. No matter how epic it may be, it would definitely cease to be interesting because you have mastered all the lines and scenes by then. With the help of CE, such ones can raise the standard of the game by making it harder. The idea is to give the enemy more weapons and try to merge them with their skills. In other scenarios, they could empower themselves with better arsenals while increasing the numbers of their enemies. With these challenges, the player gets the fun out of their play.

Mechanism of Action

CE injects what are called codes into your Computer processes to effect an alteration, which is similar to what is seen in Trojans. For this reason, sometimes, some antiviruses do confuse it for a threat. However, its developers have made efforts in the latest versions to address this challenge. The alterations in the game setup allow you some special advantages such as infinite life, ammo, health and the capacity to either speed up the game or slow it down. This achievement is made possible by the ability of CE to scan the Computer’s memory to see the variables employed in a game and perform any change of the user’s choice.

Cheat Engine 7.4 Latest Version 2023 Free Download

Features of Cheat Engine

  • Disassembler (to disassemble and view a process memory so as to carry out an alteration)
  • Assembler
  • Trainer Maker
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Direct 3D Manipulation Tools
  • Debugger
  • System Inspection Tools
  • Extensive Scripting Support (used by developers to create apps)

System Requirements for Installation

CE is primarily a Windows OS application, and it is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, and 10.


Since its first release in 2012, there have been five versions of the software representing the number of times improvements have been made to it. There are the 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and 6.6 versions of the Cheat engine, with the 6.7 version released in June 2017 being the latest.

How to Use CE

  1. Download the software from its official website,
  2. Download the game you wish to use CE with
  3. Open both the cheat and the game simultaneously
  4. On the cheat engine’s window, click on the “Open Processes” icon
  5. On the list, select the game of your choice and click “open.”
  6. Upon opening the game with the CE, choose the virtue you wish to alter. This can be the time, health, ammunition, or any other virtue
  7. Input your new desired value in the CE
  8. Check the game to see the value change.

Some Alternatives to CE

There are several other software which perform the same action as that of CE; some of these are:

  • ArtMoney
  • CheatBook-Database
  • Scanmem and GameConqueror
  • Bit Slicer
  • Spiro’s Memory Hacking Software
  • iHaxGamex
  • Dil Injector
  • Mem Write


  • By manipulating some few codes, you can alter any of your in-game settings to give you unlimited benefits.
  • It is free.
  • It has a programming option with which you can make a game harder to maximize fun
  • Being an open-source software, it is constantly open to improvements
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It is lightweight


  • The coding associated with it is way too advanced for a non-programming Game Player.
  • It does not support online games
  • It is majorly available on Windows OS
  • It’s available only in 8 languages of the world making it inaccessible to some other potential users around the world.


To put it straight, CE is just a great package to allow Programmers to have an easy ride with any Computer game of their choice. It saves them the time that could have been expended trying to get on top of their games and yet not denying them the fun associated with such a game. By being able to cut corners, quality time can be saved.

According to its developers, it is not a threat to a PC as it is not another type of virus. The latest release has been subjected to several updated antiviruses and is virus-free. It is, however, advocated that to prevent any conflict between your PC and the Cheat, your antivirus must first be disabled before installing it. Cheat engines and Gamers will remain companions for several more years, thanks to their efficiency.

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