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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 16.00 Crack + Serial Key 100% Lifetime

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is currently the standard by which all speech-to-text applications and programs for Windows are compared. Currently, on its 13th edition for the past 17 years, it still retains its class of quality and performance. When speech recognition is brought up anywhere, NaturallySpeaking simultaneously answers to almost all concerns. This year, the company wants to introduce the 13th edition with new capabilities and features and also slash the price from 200 USD last year to 100 USD.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Crack + Serial Key


Key Features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15

Here is a list of the improved features of NaturallySpeaking:

  • Improved accuracy rate by up to 15%.
  • An effective walkthrough is provided for the basics.
  • It fully supports mics that are built-in on the majority of laptops.
  • Fast familiarization of basic features.
  • Allows direct dictation to the most frequently used internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and the newer versions of Internet Explorer.

Improved Accuracy

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 crack has improved most of its speech-text recognition features. Words mispronounced or misread have been updated in its engine, so the 15% improvement can really be measured and felt. On top of recognition accuracy, the typing speed of the app has also been improved. Dragon made an excellent effort to address this area of their application.

Built-in Mic Support

In previous releases, Dragon only supported external microphones in stands or in headsets. In its 13th release, built-in mics on laptops can be used. Although these microphones have lower quality than external ones, they can now be used with NaturallySpeaking. You also need not worry about speaking directly into the mic piece. The app impressively recognizes the speech when you just casually speak in front of your laptop during use.

Minor Amendments

Although drastically improved, Dragon has yet to perfect its minor editing procedures in its transcription. The system currently does not have easy ways to edit the transcription via voice command. This is common amongst speech-to-text applications, and Dragon has more advantages over the other competitors in the market when it comes to voice commands.

Getting Used to Speech-to-Text

There are professional transcriptionists who still find it hard to get used to only using speech recognition software to get their job done. This is a common barrier in this industry. People have been so used to typing manually on a keyboard to advance our trains of thought. It can be observed, for example, that most writers can produce more text on a typewriter or a traditional keyboard than on a virtual one and a speech-to-text engine. Unless you read a transcript, writing a poem using only this program can still be hard.

Benefits of Speech Dictation

Although others feel hindered when using this technology, others are naturally in sync in pouring out their ideas and thoughts directly without using a transcribing medium such as a keyboard. Some say they can let their creativity roam wilder in this way. It also saves you much more time transcribing what you want on paper or on-screen than manually typing.


  • Webmail dictation is supported.
  • Allows automation of various transcription commands.
  • Typing speed and recognition accuracy improvement.
  • The app directly scales typing speed from speech quality.
  • Automatically detects language through media used.
  • Guaranteed accuracy when using laptop microphones.
  • Laptop microphones, smartphones, and digital recorders are now supported.


  • Mastery of the app takes a long time.
  • Errors arise in installation and setup.
  • Speech skills are a must to ensure quality
  • Voice commands are up for improvement.
  • Listening issues occur occasionally.
  • Transcription automation is still under work.
  • Currently on the expensive end of the market.
  • Internet Explorer is preferred to Google Chrome.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 crack is, without a doubt, the best speech-to-text software in the market and there is no question on this behalf, but there are two sides to everything. The recognition’s sheer accuracy and the transcription speed outclass the competition. The 13th release improved these features, so this is a powerhouse. Voice commands are promising but need further improvement. This is a worthy investment for those who need clean and efficient transcriptions in their industries.

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